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Direct-sold plans 
Ascensus College Savings began servicing direct-sold plans in 2002 and has since become the leading administrator of direct-to-consumer 529 plans in the industry. The flexibility of our platform lets us join forces with a variety of leading investment managers. This allows us to offer a wide variety of investment options that seek to meet the different characteristics of college savers, including those investing through the services of an RIA. The direct-sold plans that we service are designed to reach as many families as possible from all demographics, including middle- and lower-income.

Advisor-sold plans
College savings are part of a family's overall financial plan and many investors rely on financial advisors to provide expertise and guidance when making these important decisions. It is our goal to give financial advisors the tools they need to explain the features of 529 plans to their clients. Our marketing is targeted to highlight the knowledge and investment expertise of financial advisors and to educate experienced investors on the benefits of 529 plans.

Pre-paid plans
We support prepaid 529 plans with our Unite platform that includes security, aggregation, compliance and school integration.

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Offering a 529 plan to your employees through payroll direct deposit is a great addition to a comprehensive benefits package, with no administrative costs to you.

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