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Ascensus College Savings is pleased to administer 31 plans, sold both direct to consumers and through financial advisors. Use the interactive map to see all of our 529 plans. Please disable your browser's popup blocker.

Ascensus College Savings provides program management, distribution, and/or recordkeeping services to a 529 plan in this state. Roll over to see if the state offers special tax incentives to its residents.

This state's 529 plan does not offer special tax incentives to residents.


This state offers special tax incentives to residents who invest in any 529 plan.

This state's 529 plan offers special tax incentives to residents.

State tax status believed to be accurate as of 3/31/14. The information provided is not intended to constitute nor does it constitute, legal or tax advice. This content was developed to support AscensusCollegeSavings.com and cannot be relied upon for purposes of avoiding the payment of federal tax penalties. You should consult your legal or tax advisor about the impact of these rules on your individual situation.
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