Full-service 529 solutions
Ascensus College Savings has developed a complete suite of capabilities to make sure that each state's plan is run efficiently and effectively. We view our relationship with our state partners as a collaboration dedicated to help families save for college.

Program Management: Providing a single source of administration and marketing
We offer a single source for implementation, recordkeeping, administration, client service, marketing, and investment services. Having a one-stop provider significantly reduces the amount of time and effort needed to administer a state's 529 plan, and ensures a consistent, seamless delivery of award winning services. Our unique platform allows each client the flexibility to choose all or any of the components offered, based on their specific needs.

The Unite Recordkeeping Platform: Optimized for 529 plans
Combining innovative technology and results-oriented business practices, Ascensus College Savings developed the first 529-specific platform, Unite. In one easy-to-use online interface, Unite integrates eight modules that facilitate customer relationship management, phone and email technology, mail imaging, workflow, transaction processing, compliance, automated backup, and more. Customers have complete flexibility to choose from a suite of platform modules in a way that best meets the needs of their business.

Investment Services: Developing customized investment lineups
Since 2002, Ascensus Investment Advisors, LLC partners with some of the most prominent investment firms in the country to provide investment advisory services to state clients, and works with them to create investment strategies and asset allocation portfolios that are specifically designed for college savers of all levels. We work closely with state partners to help determine which investment options will meet their plans' needs. In addition, our platform's open architecture allows the flexibility to partner with multiple leading investment managers. This lets us recommend a range of options that can be tailored to the plan's objectives and channels. We also work closely with states on the creation of investment policies and guidelines, investment-related reporting, and periodic investment reviews.

Client Service: Quick, accurate responsiveness to clients and participants

Relationship Management - A single point of contact for clients: Every plan serviced by Ascensus College Savings has the benefit of a Relationship Manager as a single point of contact for the plan. A Relationship Manager handles all client requests and, in turn, is in constant contact with internal resources at Ascensus College Savings to ensure that any requests are met in an efficient and effective manner.

Client Service - Dedicated support: The Client Service team provides full-service telephone and email client service support to 529 plan participants. This dedicated team of professionals is available to field client questions, requests, and to help guide them through the details of each plan. Client Service Representatives view the same screen as the participant for a more personal, error-free, and faster service experience for the participant.

Quality results - Transaction processing and back-office service: Ascensus College Savings achieves industry leading quality results, across all transaction types. Quality and timeliness of transaction processing is measured by National Quality Review (NQR), an independent and nationally recognized quality review organization that provides objective evaluations of customer service for both call center and data processing accuracy and timeliness. We have consistently achieved NQR's 5-Star quality rating.
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